October 5th 2018

  • 10,00 h – Meeting point at Eurobuilding Hotel
  • 10,30 h – 12,30 h – Museum of Restaurant
  • 12,30 h – 14,00 h – Lunch at  Museum of Restaurant
  • 14,00 h – Back to the Eurobuilding hotel
  • 19,30 h – Transfer to the Casino (Meeting point at Eurobuilding Hotel)
  • 20,00 h – 22,30 h – Closing dinner
  • 22,30 h – 00,30 h – Farewell discotheque, and return to the hotel

The Museum of Costume is arranged into fourteen areas which offer you the opportunity to learn more about costume in Spain and how it developed over the centuries.

It houses a wide variety of historic and contemporary collections. It preserves rare but important pieces from the 16th and 17th centuries, including a woman’s jerkin from the late 16th century. The 18th century collection includes excellent examples of men’s suits, such as the extensive and valuable collection of jackets and waistcoats, as well as the collection of women’s riding jackets and authentic garments from the majismo movement. Representation of costume from the 19th century is not quite so wide, but the various styles of the period are shown. The museum also houses a significant collection of garments from the most outstanding 20th century designers.

This outstanding building sits on Alcalá Street, and the magnificent luxurious hall can be appreciated from the street. The Madrid Casino began life in 1836 when an exclusive group of people met at the Café del Príncipe. However, the plots between Alcalá and Aduana Streets, where the new building would be constructed, were purchased in 1903.

The Casino is a magnificent example of Madrid’s eclectic ideas in the early 20th Century, with a mixture of French and Baroque trends. The best artists and artisans were hired for the decoration of the interior of the building. Highlights include the large reception room, Neo-Baroque and modern Maumejean windows, and the main staircase in a singular Modernist style, which is one of the best in Madrid.

Dress code: jackets must be worn in order to enter the Madrid Casino.  Those not meeting this requirement will be refused entry.